Thursday, August 29, 2013

Jon Hamm wears Randolph Eyewear - Mad Men

"I've always been a fan of advertising. I've always been a fan of television. I've loved commercials. I've loved all the jingles. I loved all the stuff."
- Jon Hamm

Randolph Eyewear ( was featured by Jon Hamm on the popular drama Mad Men.  

Astute television viewers might recognize Jon Hamm from years past on his recurring roles on Providence and The Division, but most know him for his unguarded portrayal of advertising exec and philandering husband Don Draper on AMC's Mad Men. Once a waiter doubling as an unemployed actor, he's now a well-respected Golden Globe Award-winning thespian. When he's not taking on the world of advertising or finding new excuses to take his pants off on TV, the talented Jon Hamm is busy building a cinematic career through a string of excellent movies alongside other industry talents like James FrancoBen AffleckBlake Lively, and Kristen Wiig

On Mad Men, Don Draper is a constant target of female attention, and Jon Hamm's convincing performance has made him one of TV's newest prime-time studs. Picked by as 2007's Sexiest Man Living and chosen by People as one of 2008's Sexiest Men Alive.  

While they share the same anxieties about career uncertainties and what the future holds, there are a few things that separate Jon Hamm from his skirt-chasing TV alter-ego. For one, Jon Hamm is strictly a one-woman man, having been involved in a long-term relationship with actress Jennifer Westfeldt (Kissing Jessica Stein24) since 1997. Additionally, he and Don Draper don't share the same propensity for nicotine. Having quit smoking for good at age 24, Jon Hamm only smokes cigarettes of the herbal variety while filming Mad Men. As someone who lost two key family members before his 20th birthday, he understands good health and isn't about to risk his lungs in an effort to look cool. We're happy as long as he doesn't lose Don Draper's signature love of hair products.

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