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Randolph Eyewear Collections

Randolph Eyewear Sunglasses are standard issue to the U.S. Air force and also to the RNZAF (Royal New Zealand Air Force), as well as many other military organisations worldwide. They have been selected by these organisations as they are considered the best. Randolph frame solder joints have a life time 
Warranty - if a frame breaks, it will be replaced without question. Optically correct mineral glass lenses don't distort colours or images, giving ultimate protection from eye strain and U.V.

*polarized lenses are not recommended for use inside of aircraft with polarized gauges and could potentially be dangerous.

Outdoor enthusiasts require reliable durability, and Randolph Sunglasses can meet these requirements every time. Our polarized grey lenses provide the ultimate tint for bright conditions and glare reduction (however polarized lenses are not suitable for aviation purposes*). Whether you are fishing, climbing, tramping, skiing or involved in some other outdoor activity Randolph Sunglasses are a must have when considering eye protection.  Randolph Eyewear also has a collection of frames specifically for the outdoors man.  The Ranger Sporting Eyewear collection has 5 different frame options and numerous color choices for your lenses.  Frames and Lenses sold seperately.  Right now you can choose three lens options of your choice for only $75.  Thats like getting a third pair of lenses for only $5!!!.  And unlike other sites, here at, you can choose exactly what lenses you want, and not pay more.  

Randolph Ranger collection also has one lens:  ColorMag, that intensifies orange shooting targets.  It makes them over 100% more visible.  

For those who desire performance over passing fashion there are Randolph Engineering fully aviation approved sunglasses. Designed and manufactured in Massachusetts U.S.A, Randolph sunglasses provide the quality essential for any pilot. We pride ourselves not only in the quality of our products but also in our customer service. Randolph Sunglasses provides serious equipment for those who see clearly that there is a difference.

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American Made Eyewear - Randolph Eyewear

 When Don Draper of the television show ‘Mad Men’ puts on his sunglasses, he’s the epitome of cool. Those sunglasses are made right here in Randolph, Mass., at a company, appropriately named Randolph Engineering
Randolph is an American manufacturer of handcrafted American-made eyewear,” said Randolph Engineering CEO Peter Waszkiewicz. “We’re best known for our military aviation sunglasses and our American styling.” 

Watch this video to see how Randolph Eyewear is made in the USA:
Since 1972, this company has been perfecting the art of the shades, bringing that attention to detail to the American Air Force. Their pilots wear these glasses, so you know they’re tough. 

Pictured above:  JD w/ clip.  Michael Bastian Collection by Randolph Eyewear.

Waszkiewicz said, “We are noted to be the tank in the industry. Our glasses are made to military spec and we have a lifetime warranty on all our solder joints and we stand behind the product. “
They’ve won famous fans like Tom Cruise and John Travolta, but Ekene Ofodile, the Randolph SVP, Sales and Marketing, says there’s another celebrity he’d like to wear the brand.
“President Obama,” said Ofodile. “We believe the president should wear American-made sunglasses

Since they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes, there’s plenty to pick from. We recommend the classic aviator, with 23-karet gold plating, it’s fit for a king or a president! 

Randolph Eyewear - Polarized vs. Non-Polarized Lenses

Randolph Eyewear makes the best glasses in the USA. Polarized and Non-Polarized lens options.

Facts about Polarized Sunglasses and Exposure to UV Rays

Proper sun protection for your eyes:
  • Not all sunglasses block 100 percent of UV rays. The lens material and coatings applied to the lens determine the amount of UV protection sunglasses provide, not the color and darkness of a sunglass tint. Polycarbonate plastic sunglass lenses absorb essentially all UV radiation, with the added advantage of extreme impact resistance.
  • Different tints can help you see better in certain conditions and reduce glare and reflections by changing the quantity and quality of light entering the eye, but the color and darkness the tint of the sunglasses lens do not necessarily indicate the UV protection provided.
  • Wear sunglasses even when you're in the shade. Your eyes will still be exposed to UV rays reflected from water, pavement, snow, sand, windshields and other surfaces.
  • Wear sunglasses in winter. Snow reflects more UV rays than most other surfaces. Take care of your eyes when you ski, snowboard, snow-shoe, snowmobile, shovel or any other outdoor winter activity.
  • UV light can go right through clouds even when it is overcast.
  • The sun's rays are strongest between 10 am and 2 pm so be sure to wear proper sunglasses especially during those hours.
  • UV can reach the eyes from the sides and top of sunglasses, even with lenses that absorb all UV radiation. Polarized sunglasses with large, wrap-around style, sport wrap frames are good for peripheral protection.

Advantages of Polarized Sunglasses

Good quality, proper fitting, UV-protective sunglasses with polarized lenses in combination with other features can enhance your outdoor activities and sport experiences, whether you enjoy boating, fishing, in-line skating, mountain biking, skiing, hiking, kayaking, waterskiing, jet skiing, windsurfing, sailing, driving or just relaxing.
Too much unprotected exposure to UV radiation can cause “photokeratitis” – a sunburn of the eye. The symptoms are temporary eye redness,uncomfortableness, light sensitivity and tearfulness. Fortunately, these symptoms are usually short-lived, although long periods of UV radiation exposure can sometimes cause permanent eye damage. "Snow blindness" is the common term for severe photokeratitis, which causes temporary vision loss usually lasting 24-48 hours.

Randolph Eyewear has a number of lens options according to your exact needs.  Randolph Eyewear has a grey and tan polarized option, as well as flash mirror, polycarbonate lenses, and more.  

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Check out how Randolph Eyewear Glasses are made.

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Improve Visibility with Randolph Eyewear Ranger Collection - Yellow Lenses increase Contrast

My eyes often feel tired after staring at the computer all day. So I'm wondering if glasses designed for computer use actually help (for example, those yellow-tinted glasses I've seen on Randolph Eyewear. They seem pricey and I'm a little skeptical about all the claims, but I also want to protect my vision. 

Vision problems are unfortunately one of the hazards of too much screen time. In fact, theVision Council found that 70 percent of US adults in one survey reported having some kind of digital eye strain (strained, dry, or red eyes; blurred vision; headaches; back pain; neck pain; or general fatigue) as a result of using digital devices for hours at a time.P
We've previously noted several ways to prevent or reduce eyestrain, including using the 20-20-20 rule to regularly give your eyes a break and ergonomically optimizing your workstation. In addition to those essential tweaks, computer eyewear could also alleviate or prevent digital eyestrain, depending on your situation. I talked to several eye health experts to find out more about these special glasses, and also did a two-week trial comparing new specially-coated glasses with older ones. Here's what I learned.

Computer glasses are special-purpose eyeglasses meant to optimize your eyesight when you're looking at digital screens. They're designed to: reduce glare (a major cause of eyestrain), increase contrast, and maximize what you see through the lenses—making it easier to look at a screen for longer periods of time. P

Validating my experience, Dr. Jeffrey Anshel, an optometrist and computer vision consultant (who was also the technical adviser for Gunnar Optiks), points out that when it comes to coatings, you have two general choices: old and new. Older ones do peel and "craze," resulting in unsightly cracks, while newer ones wear very well and have a one-year warranty. So when you're at the eye doctor, you'll want to ask for the latest coating—and perhaps buy new glasses even if your prescription hasn't changed in the last few years, because coatings definitely have improved.
PAnti-reflective (AR) coating
: Anti-reflective coatings reduce glare bouncing off screens and from light sources. Specially-designed Randolph Ranger Sporting Eyewear offers these coatings and prescription glasses can get anti-reflective coatings as well. 
Color tints: Some computer glasses also have an unmistakable (usually yellow) tint designed to increase the contrast on the screen and filter out the uncomfortable/harsh light spectrums so your eye muscles relax. 
The Yellow lenses found on Randolph Eyewear are perfect for sitting in front of the computer for long amounts of time, and perfect for dusk-night driving.  These glasses increase contrast and make it safer for you to be on the road.  They are also perfect for sporting activities like hunting, hiking, fishing, biking, and anything else you might be doing ourdoors.  Randolph Eyewear makes is safer for your eyes all day and transitioning into the night.  

For a look at the entire collection please go to
New customers receive 10% off their first product purchase. 

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"Rose" colored lenses - FACTS

Rose Lenses

  • Rose lenses are quite different from red lenses. Though they appear to be light red or pink, rose lenses are designed to let more light in and are typically best for medium to low light conditions. These lenses are often used for skiing and snowboarding goggles and glasses because they increase contrast with the snow and provide better vision for overcast and stormy days. Unlike red lenses, rose -- sometimes called vermilion -- lenses are not suitable for bright, sunny weather where you'll be exposed to direct sunlight for long periods, because they allow a higher VLT. According to the Vision Council, an eyewear industry association, some people like rose lenses best for comfortable, prolonged wear.
Pictured Above is the Randolph Ranger XLW with Vermillion lenses

  • Pictured above, the Randolph Ranger XLW with yellow lenses. 

Yellow lenses are the choice of many athletes and professionals working outdoors. They absorb blue and ultraviolet (UV) light and offer depth and contrast in conditions that are otherwise stressful on your eyes.

Depth Perception

  • Yellow lenses offer the greatest depth perception and contrast because they filter out blue light. This is important for sports such as hunting and skeet shooting because yellow lenses filter the blue light of the sky, allowing you to see the smallest movement.

Ultraviolet Light Absorption

  • Amber or yellow lenses provide sharpness and contrast in hazy light conditions because they absorb UV and blue light making everything seem brighter. This makes them good for working around dawn or dusk and on overcast or foggy days.

Decrease Eye Fatigue

  • If you do a lot of driving, yellow lenses helps decrease fatigue because they add contrast to your vision. Yellow lenses also decrease fatigue when driving in the evening because they increase visual clarity. This is why bikers and pilots often use yellow lenses.

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Sunglasses are more than a Fashion Statement

Sunglasses aren’t just fashion accessories. They are a necessary protection for the eyes. Most consumers know about the danger of sun exposure to the skin, but many are unaware that the sun’s rays can damage the eyes. To correctly shield the eyes, the right type of sunglasses must be worn, especially since wearing the 
wrong type can cause more damage than not wearing glasses at all. 
The eyes are susceptible to being burned by sunrays. The cornea, lens, and retina are all vulnerable to overexposure of ultraviolet (UV) rays. Over time these UV rays—invisible to the human eye—can harm the eye if left unprotected. Workers who are heavily exposed to sunlight should protect their eyes with UVblocking sunglasses.Sunglasses help in two important ways. They filter light and protect the eyes from damaging UV rays. Long-term exposure to UV rays can lead to cataracts, macular degeneration, or skin cancer around the eyelids. Sunglasses should be worn outdoors to protect the eyes. 

Pictured Above:  Ranger Sporting Eyewear Collection:  XLW - yellow lenses

Choose Your Color Wisely
Different lens tints filter different wavelengths of light. Some may enhance or distort colors and affect contrast. Select tint based on need.
• Green—Allows true color perception and good contrast in bright light; reduces eyestrain in bright light.
• Gray—Allows true color perception, but does not enhance contrast; good for cycling or running.
• Brown—Good in hazy sun, enhances contrast; good for high-glare environments.
• Amber—Brightens cloudy, hazy, or foggy skies; excellent for contrast; minimizes eyestrain; distorts color (images look yellow-orange).
• Yellow—Improves contrast and depth perception in low light; good for overcast days.
• Red—Excellent depth perception in low light; contrast objects against blue or green backgrounds.
• Mirrored—Reflects high-intensity light to reduce glare; available in various colors.
Pictured Above:  Ranger Sporting Eyewear Collection:  XLW - Cable temples, yellow lenses

Do those sunglasses for specific sports really make a difference?
Yes. Sports eyewear in general tends to be safer than regular sunglasses because the lenses and frames are made of special materials that are unlikely to shatter if struck and can give you the benefits of both sunglasses and protective eyewear.
Also, certain lens colors in performance sunglasses can enhance your vision for certain sports; brown, for example, is popular with golfers because it provides nice contrast on those very green golf courses.
Randolph Eyewear is some of the best made eyewear on the market today.  Every pair is handmade in the USA using the best materials available.  Randolph gives a lifetime warranty on their solder joints, which means this may just be the last pair of sunglasses you will ever have to buy.  These glasses were first made to protect the eyes and increase visibility for air force pilots, and now they are available to the general public.  

First time customers receive 10% off with coupon code:  PROMO747

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Randolph Eyewear - Michael Bastian Collection

For a complete look at the Michael Bastian line please visit:

Bastian's namesake line is currently carried in over 50 retail locations in North America, Japan, Europe, and the Middle East. It was produced under a licensing agreement with Italian cashmere label Brunello Cucinelli.[3] The agreement was terminated at the end of 2010.
In 2010, a collaboration with GANT was launched. The line, GANT by Michael Bastian, has since expanded to include womenswear. The collection is distributed in over 60 countries worldwide, in both GANT stores and independent retailers.
In 2011, Bastian launched two new collaborations: with Randolph Eyewear under the name Michael Bastian for Randolph Engineering, and with Brazilian brand Havaianas. Bastian created a collection of 15 variations on current and vintage Randolph Eyewear models for the label. For Havaianas, Bastian created 4 limited edition styles under the name Havaianas + Michael Bastian.[4]
In 2013, Bastian was again nominated for CFDA Menswear Designer of the Year, but the award eventually went to Thom Browne.

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Randolph Eyewear - AVIATOR - classic design

Randolph's aviators have always been a classic style that never seems to get old.  These durable frames will never break on you or let you down.  And to prove it, Randolph provides each customer with a lifetime guarantee on all solder joints.

This eyewear was originally made for the US military pilots to withstand rough conditions.

Today Randolph is also a popular choice for commercial pilots, corporate pilots, private pilots, glider pilots, and even Tom Cruise has been spotted wearing these iconic sunglasses.

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to see the entire collection.

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We give special promotions over facebook so you dont want to miss out. These glasses rarely ever go on sale, so your only chance to get them at a deal price is with Randolph Eyewear.

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Blue Lens Aviators - Randolph Eyewear - Last Pairs!!!

Time is running out to own your very own pair of Randolph Classic Aviators with blue lenses.  Follow the links below to get yours now:

Randolph Eyewear has the only last remaining pairs ever in the world of these exclusive glasses.  These are the same glasses Johnny Depp has been seen wearing at multiple hollywood events.  

Not only are these frames and lenses a celebrity favorite, but doctors have recently found that blue lenses may help you lower stress and help in weight loss.  

These blue lens aviators really are one of a kind, and soon they will be gone forever.  The company no longer makes these glasses and Randolph Eyewear has the last remaining pairs.  

Follow the link below to bid on yours now:  (med, and large sizes available)

To see the entire Randolph Collection please go to:
New customers receive 10% off their first purchase with code:  PROMO747

Randolph sunglasses and sporting eyewear are made by hand in the USA from the finest materials.  The most skilled craftsmanship goes into each and every pair making them the best performing glasses on earth.  
These glasses perform so well that Randolph exclusively makes glasses for the US military.  To perform under military conditions, you know these must be some really great quality eyewear.  
Solder joints are warranted for life.  

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The Michael Bastian Collection

The Michael Bastian Collection - Randolph Eyewear

Micheal Bastian has teamed up with Randolph to produce some extraordinary eyewear and fashion trends.  
The glasses look great on both a man and a woman.  Every pair of glasses is handmade in the USA and all solder joints are warranted for life.  

For the last two seasons, Michael Bastian has teamed up with Randolph Engineering, bringing to life his vision for sun- and eyeglasses, many of which were inspired by vintage Randolph frames that had long been shelved.  The limited edition sun blockers are hand made in Italy with Mazzucchelli acetate and gray polycarbonate lenses and are available in either black or grey tortoise colorways. Whatever color option you choose, looking like bawse is a given — whether you’ve prepared your Ricky Rozay beard or not.

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Randolph Eyewear looks great on women too!!!

Dont be fooled.  Randolph Eyewear glasses are unisex.  Angenlina Jolie has even been spotted wearing them.  Just because these glasses were made for military men, that doesnt mean a women can't rock them too.

Randolph Eyewear is the perfect fashion accessory to any outfit.  And as far as looking cool, this is the company who made the first aviators.  They are the ones who design for the U.S. military.  A company like that would never put anything on the market that doesnt represent their brand of toughness and strength 100%.  You can be sure that when you buy a product from Randolph Eyewear, you will be 100% satisfied.

New customers receive 10% off with coupon code:  PROMO747

Michael Bastian Collection - now available at

Michael Bastian for Randolph

Michael Bastian returns for another run of sunglasses with metal masters, Randolph Eyewear. While metal frames have been the Randolph mainstay, the new 2013 collection with Michael Bastian dips into acetates for a second time. The JD acetates are carry-over from last season while the Invader (shown above) makes its debut. The remainder of the collection is designed around the Randolph archive models.  Those looking for glitz will enjoy the MB Sportsman made from 23k gold and hand painted tortoise on front and temples. Jump in.

Michael Bastian combines his luxury design skills and applies them to sunglasses with Randolph Eyewear.  Randolph glasses are made to withstand the toughest military conditions, and now they are available to the public.  With a growing celebrity following, these Randolph glasses will not disappoint even the pickiest person.  Each pair of glasses are made with frame lens and size options, to make sure you get the best looking pair, and the best fitting pair.  All our frames are made in the USA, and all solder joints are warranted for life.  

For a look at the entire collection by Randolph please visit:

First time customers receive 10% off their first product purchase with us with coupon code:  PROMO747

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Frame of the Day - Falcon Navy - Michael Bastian Collection

The meeting of Randolph Engineering, quality-obsessed supplier of sunglasses to the American military, and Michael Bastian, quality-obsessed designer of classic American menswear, is a serendipitous one. To Randolph’s reputation for making the most perfectly crafted eyewear available to aviators and civilians alike, Bastien has added his talent for adding a cool edge to designs that you want to wear forever. Guys, these may just be the last sunglasses you’ll ever buy.

To see the entire Michael Bastian collection please visit:
First time customers receive 10% off their first order with us.  Enter coupon code PROMO747 at checkout.  

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Blue Lens Aviators - Randolph Eyewear

Dont miss out on your chance to own the best looking aviators on the market, with the coolest lenses.  These blue lenses do alot more than just make you look fashionably great.

Follow this link to bid on one of the last existing pairs:

Randolph Aviators are the original aviator and look great on both men and women.  The blue lenses are the pair that Johnny Depp owns.  But he isn't the only celebrity who owns a pair of Randolph's.  Check our site to see who else loves these famous shades:

Recent scientific studies have shown that perceiving the world through these blue glasses can help you lose weight and calm your stress levels.  It might sound a little bit odd, but the reasons behind it make alot of sense.
First of all, blue is a calming color,  Psychiatrists have known this for years, and often blue is used in doctors offices to help reassure people and make them calm.  Blue is a neutral, unthreatening color.  Therefore, if everything we look at all day has a blue tint to it, then we are helped in staying calm all the time.

When stress levels go down, it makes losing weight that much easier.  This was the initial reason Johnny Depp was rumored to buying these blue lens glasses for himself.  It is a way to play a trick on your brain without much effort, helping to keep you in great shape.

Follow this link to bid on one of the last existing pairs:

Blue Lenses for weight loss? Does it work?

These are the exact glasses worn by Johnny Depp!!!  Randolph Eyewear has the last pairs in existence.

There are several supposed "appetite suppressants" (pills) available for purchase, either on the internet or in retail stores such as GNC. The question is, Do they work?

Nine out of ten times, probably not -- and that's without discussing the potential health implications involved with taking some of these pills. In fact, it's quite possible that these pill-related health risks that lead Japanese researchers to study the effects of certain color lenses on appetite, discovering that blue-tinted specs helps keep hunger at bay.

According to researchers, viewing the world through blue lenses helps to calm the brain's appetite center, in addition to blocking red light, which researchers say may stimulates appetite. Needless to say, blue sunglasses are already available for purchase as a weight-loss aid. 

It makes senses that blue would be an appetite calmer, after all, the only naturally occurring blue food is blueberries.  Besides the rumors about being an appetite suppressant, blue has always thought to have had a psychological calming effect on people.  And when people are less stressed out, they eat less and excersize more.  So it could be possible that these blue lens glasses are helping relieve stress and making people happier.   If that is the case, then either way you have nothing to lose.  

Check out  to see the entire Randolph Collection.  

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BLUE LENSES - only a couple hours left to own them!!!

Your last chance is coming up to own these beautiful aviators with blue lenses.  Exactly like the ones pictured here with Johnny Depp.  Follow the link below:

Follow the link below:

Johnny Depps glasses were discontinued by the company (Randolph Engineering) and Randolph Eyewear has the last pairs in existence.  If you want to own a pair of the iconic Johnny Depp glasses with the blue lenses the only way is to follow the provided link and bid on Ebay.  

These glasses are said to help with weight loss and relieve stress.  Perceiving blue light has a positive impact on your mind, and therefore, your body.  There is more than one reason that these glasses are more than worth their price.  They are Johnny Depp's favorite, having been spotted just about everywhere wearing them, and soon you will see why.  

Frame of the Day - JD Sunglasses from the Michael Bastian Collection

Thursdays Frame of the Day is the JD - from the Michael Bastian Collection.

American Eyewear brand Randolph Engineering, who has been making classic shades for over four decades, gets a fashion boost from American menswear designer Michael Bastian.

Michael Bastian, known for his clean American-prep styling, puts a twist on several pieces from the Randolph archives, as well as helps create a few completely new designs.  From frames with clip-on lenses inspired by James Dean to a squared off masculine 70’s inspired design, there is no shortage of inventiveness in the collection which features both metal and acetate sunglasses and eyeglasses.
See these and more at:
The Collection:
Randolph Engineering X Michael Bastian JD sunglasses
The JD is inspired by the frames worn by American actor and icon James Dean.
James Dean Clip on sunglasses
James Dean Clip-On sunglasses
The JD model is a classic P3 design which works as well today as it did way back then.  It is a unisex smaller fitting frame which provides a refined look on both men and women alike.  It is handmade in Italy using Mazzucchelli acetate and offered in three color combinations: tortoise, black, and clear.

Wear it as a sunglass or an eyeglass — The JD features a detachable metal sunglass clip which can easily be taken on/off.   So you can fit them with a prescription and wear them as an eyeglass, then quickly clip on the tinted lenses when you step into the sun. Or even if you only plan to only wear them as sunglasses, the JD is undoubtedly a cool piece.

See these and more at:

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BLUE LENSES for losing weight?? -YES!

Lose weight and work one of the trendiest accessories for 2013? Too good to be true, surely. The Huffington Post reported recently that doctors have been musing on the colors of craving and are claiming that the donning of blue lensed sunglasses can help those wishing to lose weight.
Bid on these glasses, the same one Johnny Depp wears, at this link:

Randolph Eyewear - Aviator w/ Blue Lenses

The reasoning is that apart of course from the little old blueberry, there naturally exists no blue food. So blue is said to be a tummy turn off that suppresses the appetite. Red and yellow are apparently appetite triggers as reflected by the use of those colours in fast food joint decor. But the clincher came when the doctors referenced Mr Johnny Depp in their research. We have clocked Depp's fancy for the blue lens for some time although links with dieting have never been affirmed by the actor. Huffington Post's report repeats the claim that Depp began wearing the blue lenses, which have become something of a signature in recent years to slim down for a role. Is Johnny's stay slim style secret finally out?
Johnny was also said to be adding green tea into the mix for the vampire's figure required for the upcoming Dark Shadows flick. It just so happens that his character Barnabas Collins likes himself a blue lens. Coloured lenses have been around for centuries, 200 year old vampire Collins is lucky enough to pick up a pair of originals.
Blue is an appetite surpressent and has a natural calming effect.  So besides looking super fabulous, you will also be losing weight.  Johnny Depp seems to know what he's doing, and he is leading the trend for wearing blue glasses.
Bid on these glasses, the same one Johnny Depp wears, at this link:

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Blue Lenses help you lose weight!

The Drs: Johnny Depp Blue Sunglasses

The Doctors: Johnny Depp Blue Sunglasses Trick
The Johnny Depp blue sunglasses trick is reportedly a weight loss strategy. Would you try it?
Actor Johnny Depp was shown wearing blue glasses in a file photo, because he was reportedly attempting to lose weight for a movie role. I don’t know if the fact that a celebrity tried it makes it more of a wacky fad or more likely to produce results; after all, it’s not like Johnny Depp has ever seemed to be overweight.
If the color blue curbs the appetite, what colors should you avoid? Red and Yellow are appetite triggers, as you can see on the signs and logos of fast food restaurants. That’s marketing psychology for you. 
To own a pair of these glasses for yourself follow the link below:

These glasses are now discontinued by the company Randolph Engineering.  They shipped us (Randolph Eyewear) the last pairs in existence.  You will never see these glasses available for purchase again so if you want them for yourself and a friend, you should act quickly.  
Supply is VERY limited, they are going fast, so click on this link to secure your own pair: