Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Randolph Corsair

The Randolph Corsair are the perfect sunglasses for any man.  They have a squared off rectangular shaped frame style, that slightly curves along the sides of the face.  It highlights a mans face structure amazingly well.  If you are looking for a rough, tough, and rugged sunglass style for your man, the Randolph Eyewear corsair is the latest model on the market.  It comes in three different frame colors, almond gold, antique bronze, and antique silver.  This is the perfect frame no matter what kind of guy you need to shop for.  Vintage lovers will love this frame from Randolph Eyewear.  Edgy guys, bad boy guys, and your regular average joe will all love these sunglasses.

Randolph Eyewear is manufactured in the United States, and made mostly by hand.  These frames are built with the most quality and care to any other sunglasses on the market today.  They are so good, the U.S. military has been using them as standard issue for over 20 years.  All solder joints are warranted for life.

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Randolph Eyewear Summer Styles are HERE!!!!

Randolph Eyewear has all the new spring and summer frames in stock.
Some of the most anticipated sunglasses have been the aviator and concorde color flash mirror styles.
These new color flash mirror lenses are the latest trend in the sunglasses world, and now Randolph has a pair that will last you for more than just one season (**cough*cough**, RayBan**cough**)
Randolph sunglasses are built for quality and sustainability.  Randolph Eyewear has a frame built for every face structure and they offer a wide variety of frame colors and lens choices, including Color Mag, and Polarized options.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Randolph's Sunny Summer Styles are HERE!

Randolph Eyewear, an authorized dealer of Randolph Engineering, now has the entire Randolph spring and summer line available for purchase at:

Randolph sunglasses are made by hand in the USA.  They are built to last, and have been used by the United States military for over 20 years.  These glasses are the toughest sunglasses on the market, and the most fashionable.  Randolph makes all the classic frame styles, and guys, the Randolph Aviator is the perfect pair of sunglasses for you!  Randolph Eyewear really puts time and care into each pair of glasses they make because they want them to be your trusted glasses that never let you down.  
Randolph even has a lifetime warranty on all solder joints.  FOR LIFE!!!  If your frames ever break, send them back to the company for a free replacement.  A company would not do this if they didn't make something they knew would stand the test of time.  

Randolph Eyewear is proven better than RayBan in quality and wear over time.  RayBan sunglasses are mass produced in China, along with probably 90% of everything else you buy.  Just because everyone you know has a RayBan, doesnt mean you need one too.  You only need a RayBan if you really dont care about your eyes or longevity of products you buy.  If you buy a Randolph, you will have it and love it for life.  The lenses are specially made with the help of eye experts to allow for optimum protection against the sun.  
If you have never owned a pair of Randolph's, then this is your summer to be enlightened.  Randolph sunglasses are the best sunglasses on the market today with the best warranty!

Support your USA workers and buy your next pair of sunglasses from a USA company, not China!

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