Thursday, July 25, 2013

InterFlight Studio and Randolph Engineering Aviator Sunglasses

As seen on - Jon Hamm - Mad Men

Jon Hamm, as Don Draper, wearing RE Aviator sunglasses in the television series Mad Men photo © ABC

Randolph Engineering RE Aviator photo © Randolph Engineering

Jon Hamm, in a red convertible, wearing the RE Aviators during the filming of an episode of Season 4 of Mad Men 
photo © 
Jon Hamm, as Don Draper, wears RE Aviator sunglasses in the television series Mad Men. The RE (Randolph Engineering) Aviator worn by Hamm have unique bayonet temples, that are designed to fit comfortably under headgear.
The sunglasses in the series have been slightly modified by vintage sunglass guru Russell Campbell (who has worked on sunglasses for many movies that are set in the past), to fit the 1960s style better. Don Draper will wear the pair again in the upcoming Season 4 of Mad Men, see the spy-photo on the left of actor Jon Hamm in a red convertible during the filming of a new episode.
RE Aviator
There are countless aviator styles out there, but only one Randolph Engineering. Built for the U.S. Military, the RE Aviator surpassed their rigid specifications standards. When NASA Astronauts lift off the launch pad, or when America’s top gun pilots step into the cockpit, Randolph Engineering provides the priceless pair of sunglasses that helps them safely navigate the skies.

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