Thursday, July 25, 2013

InterFlight Studio announces its dedicated new Randolph Retail Store soft opening at 168 SE 1st Street 10th Floor, in Downtown Miami, Florida.

Flight Studio-Randolph Sunglasses store has softly opened and offers a full stock of the world's best sunglasses. Randolph sunglasses have a powerful aviation, aerospace and space travel DNA and Randolph has stood by the brand for over two decades. Flight Studio caters to a clientele worldwide attracted both by the quality of these outstanding vision instruments, as well as Flight Studio's brand client care and product support and expertise.

Flight Studio's initial d├ęcor and design for the store is capturing accolades from clients and fellow aviation galleries and design studios. Flight Studio is in the process of taking feedback and ideas to assist in re decorating and creating the ultimate Randolph Sunglasses shopping experience for a grand opening targeted at the end of 2013.

See photos and video below and call us, email or now COME BY OUR RANDOLPH SUNGLASS STORE for a new retail experience with IFS. Visit our new website at:  
 +1-305-400-6789/6749 or call Yvette or Oscar +1-305-904-5182/5183 for a personalized appointment.

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