Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Randolph Corsair

The Randolph Corsair are the perfect sunglasses for any man.  They have a squared off rectangular shaped frame style, that slightly curves along the sides of the face.  It highlights a mans face structure amazingly well.  If you are looking for a rough, tough, and rugged sunglass style for your man, the Randolph Eyewear corsair is the latest model on the market.  It comes in three different frame colors, almond gold, antique bronze, and antique silver.  This is the perfect frame no matter what kind of guy you need to shop for.  Vintage lovers will love this frame from Randolph Eyewear.  Edgy guys, bad boy guys, and your regular average joe will all love these sunglasses.

Randolph Eyewear is manufactured in the United States, and made mostly by hand.  These frames are built with the most quality and care to any other sunglasses on the market today.  They are so good, the U.S. military has been using them as standard issue for over 20 years.  All solder joints are warranted for life.

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