Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Randolph Eyewear for the Holidays

Randolph Eyewear

This holiday season, give the gift of Randolph Eyewear.  Randolph makes durable frames tested for over 20 years by the U.S. military.  And hollywood celebrities have started to wear Randolph's also.


This style of aviator sunglasses was made famous by the photograph of General Douglas MacArthur when he was photographed returning to the Philippines as he promised after the Japanese were pushed back into the jungles.These timeless aviator sunglasses have been popular for many years, and continue to be the sunglasses choice of style by celebrities and move stars. Concorde sunglasses can be seen in movies like “Top Gun”, “Apocalypse Now” and many others, worn by movie stars like Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt.
They provide full eye coverage and are reminiscent of the Foster Grant style which originated in the 1930′s and first became available to the general public through a Woolworths’ store on the boardwalk at Atlantic City, NJ.
MacArthur wore gold frame skull temple AGX (slight green tint) aviator sunglasses in the photograph on the left, but today you can choose different frame finishes, temples and lens tints with our Randolph Concorde sunglasses.
All of Randolph Engineering’s Concorde aviator sunglasses have lenses which absorb 98 to 100% of harmful ultraviolet light while allowing a range of 12 to 18% of visible light to pass through the lens. The premium mineral glass lenses are precision ground and chemically tempered to provide excellent impact resistance which exceeds the ANSI Z-803 standard.

Randolph Eyewear sunglasses are the only glasses you will ever need to buy again.  With a lifetime warranty on each and every pair, you can rely on Randolph Eyewear and their products.  They have all the classic styles, made mostly by hand in the USA.  

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