Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Randolph Eyewear makes the best holiday gift.

High performance sunglasses manufacturer, Randolph Engineering, has taken their Serious Equipment position one step further by now shipping all sunglasses with their new Equipment Maintenance Kit.
This holiday season, give the gift of quality engineering, Randolph Engineering (
These sunglasses are made in the USA, which means by buying a pair, you are supporting hardworking Americans just like you, while buying a quality product that is warranted for life.  Randolph is so serious about making a quality product that they but a lifetime warranty on all their sunglasses.  
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According to Peter Waszkiewicz, CEO of Randolph, the company views that their customers take their eyewear very seriously, perhaps even life saving, so the firm recently introduced a maintenance kit for each set of eyewear. “It made sense for us to add this feature to our product lines as it is a statement of just how serious we take the commitment that people make to wearing our eyewear. Randolph is not chosen because of fads or some styling wave. Our glasses have a serious role to play in people’s lives – at home and at work – thus we chose to develop this kit as part of the total commitment we make to our customers”…said Waszkiewicz.
Each Equipment Maintenance Kit includes an optical screwdriver, an extra pair of nose pads, and extra screws. “The need for this kit arose because of the durability of our glasses”, Waszkiewicz said. “The construction of our glasses is of such high quality that our customers were wearing through their nose pads. This is not an issue with most sunglass manufacturers, but we consider this kit to be a point of pride” he said.
“Our field testing interviews found that high performance people demand the same of the equipment they use. The simple fact is that when a life might be at stake, either in the air or on the ground, our customers will never have to worry that their Serious Equipment will fail them because the tools in the kit will keep their equipment in top order”, added Waszkiewicz.
“Sometimes, that edge spells the difference in lethal performance.”
Randolph Engineering is a privately held company with a remarkable brand identity that has endured for years. The company both engineers and manufactures products at its facility in Randolph, Massachusetts. The company’s movie-famous Aviator line is truly an iconic brand within the realm of American brands as it is the choice of pilots worldwide, especially fighter pilots.

This holiday season, get your loved ones the gift of quality, made right here in the United States, Randolph sunglasses. Or check out Randolph Ranger collection of sporting eyewear.  No matter what collection it comes from, if it's a Randolph, you can be sure its made by quality people, made to last, and warranted for life.  
The man in your life is sure to love Randolph sunglasses.  They will never go out of style, because Randolph makes frames in all the classic shapes with a simple style.  You can choose your lens tint and frame color of each pair of sunglasses you like.  
The woman in your life would like the Randolph Concorde frame.  The slightly rounded tear drop shape looks nice on a women's face, especially in the 23K Gold frames.  
Randolph makes a really nice pair of glasses.  This holiday season, treat yourself and your loved ones to the gift of Randolph Sunglasses.  offers 10% off your first purchase with us.  Enter Coupon Code:  PROMO747  at checkout.
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