Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Men's Holiday Gifts

This Holiday season, don't struggle over what to get that special man in your life.  Whether it's your dad, brother, in-laws, boyfriend, or husband, or maybe even your favorite uncle, Randolph Eyewear is going to make this holiday season very special for you and them.

Men love the classic Aviators from Randolph Eyewear.  And why wouldnt they?  Randolph Eyewear's aviators are the same ones worn by the United States military, and have been standard issue to all branches of the military for over 20 years.  Guys love a gift that wont let them down, because lets face it, guys dont like change, and they really dont want to go into a store and be forced to buy a replacement.
Randolph Eyewear glasses are so confident that they will never break, that they have placed a lifetime warranty on all solder joints.  This means you know your man will be happy with his sunny gift of quality.  Randolph Eyewear wont let you down, and wont let your man down either.

This holiday season take 10% off your first purchase at:  www.randolpheyewear.com
The coupon code to use is:  PROP747

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Randolph Eyewear has a number of frame styles and shapes to choose from.  The aviator is a classic men's choice, but the concorde is a close second.

So instead of buying a new pair of Ray Bans every year (because RayBan's quality is flimsy), why not buy one pair of Randolph sunglasses, and use them for the rest of your life!

This holiday season, give the sunny gift of Randolph Eyewear.  www.randolpheyewear.com

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