Thursday, July 31, 2014

Randolph Eyewear - Crew Chief II

Randolph Eyewear makes the best eyewear, sunglasses, and specialty shooting glasses in the USA, and possibly the world.  This small, USA based company makes their frames mostly by hand in their USA factory.  Each frame and lens is inspected for quality and strength. Randolph Eyewear frames are the toughest frames on the market today.  They are so tough, in fact, that the United States Military has been using them as standard issue for over 20 years.  These frames have seen battle, and survived, which is why you need a pair of your very own.
Pictured below are the Randolph Crew Chief II sunglasses with a shiny chrome frame and gray lenses.  This frame style has been altered slightly from the original Crew Chief frame to fit a larger variety of face structures, and to appeal to both men and women.
Each pair of glasses from Randolph comes with a lifetime warranty on all solder joints.  Randolph has excellent customer service that cannot be beat.


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