Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Randolph Eyewear Rose Gold

Randolph Eyewear has been making quality frames and lenses for over 20 years.  They have been trusted by the U.S. military to make frames that can withstand the field of battle.  These frames are built to last and warranted for life.  If you are tired of flimsy frames and cheap sunglasses and eyewear, then you really need to purchase a pair of Randolph's.  From the moment you touch them, you can really feel the quality.  These frames are made by hand in the USA.  
The Concorde frame is one of my favorite frames.  This frame works well on both men and women's faces.  The one pictured below is the feature frame of the week with Rose Gold Frames.  

Rose gold: what to expect

Rose gold, also known as pink gold, has a very subtle and delicate color that intensifies with age. Different computer monitors may show rose gold pieces at varying intensities. Also, the pink color of rose gold jewelry may show up differently when viewed under different lighting situations: natural light, incandescent light, or fluorescent light.
Before ordering, you might want to familiarize yourself with the color of rose gold. Perhaps a friend or your jeweler can show you what rose gold jewelry looks like. The famous Black Hills rose gold jewelry is a good example.
Rose gold is created by increasing the copper-colored alloys normally found in gold and decreasing the silver-colored alloys. 14K rose gold contains as much gold as 14K yellow gold but is slightly pinker in color. Rose gold is available in both 14K and in 18K. The 14K, rose gold (which we use) has a more pronounced rose color.

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