Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hunting Season is Upon Us :)

Hunting season is finally here.  All over the country hunters are gearing up for another season of woodland bliss.  From Florida, to my home state of Michigan, many hunters are dreaming of that new trophy they will bring home, and the great (real organic) meals their family will enjoy.  
Most people dont realize that hunting is a necessary act.  Hunting helps to control populations that are over running city areas.  

What are you hunting this season?  Deer, elk, turkey, goose, alligator?  
Tell us what your favorite kind of hunting is. 

No matter what kind of hunting you like, whether you shoot with a bow/arrow, or a shotgun, Randolph Eyewear Ranger collection makes it easier to spot your target.  (which means you come home with a better haul).  

(Pictured above:  Ranger XLW w/ yellow lenses, cable temples)

A good generic lens to get for hunting is the yellow lenses.  They increase contrast in low light conditions, so whether you are going out in the evening or morning, these lenses will help your eyes focus on spotting your target.  

Randolph Eyewear Ranger collection comes in 4 different frame styles.  One of their options is to buy sports clip, which are lenses you can click onto your prescription glasses.  

Another very good lens for hunters is the color mag lens.  This lens is good mostly for practicing, because it helps to highlight the orange targets by at least 100%.  Your aim is about to get exceptionally better.  

For more information and more frame options, please visit:

Your first pair of glasses are 10% off with coupon code:  PROMO747

Randolph offers a lifetime warranty on all solder joints.  These glasses have gone through over 20 years of rigorous testing by the U.S. military and have stood the test of time.  

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