Thursday, October 24, 2013

Randolph Sportsman - Real Customer Reviews

See what real customers have said about the Randolph Sportsman.  Randolph products are made to last, and tested for over 20 years by the U.S. military.  If the military uses them as their standard, you should believe how strong these frames are.  Randolph also backs their product with a lifetime warranty on all solder joints.  Thats how confident they are that your glasses will last a lifetime.  

There arent many companies that make products this good to last the test of time.  
That's why it's worth spending a little bit extra on Randolph's.  
Starting at (129) per pair, they are really a great deal for the best quality frames on the market.  

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Pictured below:  Randolph Sportsman, skull temples, grey lenses, and 23K gold frames.

From  of Mesa, Arizona on .
We get LOTS of sun out here and I am a third generation Randolph better value for you last pair lasted 15 years.

From  of Greenville, South Carolina on .
The Sportsman sunglasses were a gift to my son and he loved them! Excellent quality. Handsome look.
Perfectly AMAZING!!
From  of Venice, California on .
Absolutely perfect fit, what else can I say? The quality of these glasses is beyond compare down to the case. The glass and polarization and perfect and did I mention the fit.... Can't say enough good things about these glasses that I am so glad I pulled the trigger on! True quality American craftsmanship.
Thank you Randonlph, for allowing me to buy American and quality that I am proud to own!
 : Highly Recommended!
From  of Naperville, Illinois on .
Great Sunglasses.Workmanship is excellent
Recommended too anyone who wants the best.
Trusted Quality
From  of Beijing, China on .
Waited for two months before my friend took it to me from the States. Waited another couple days because of raining here before I had a chance to wear it. Good shape and quality. Makes eye comfortable. Recommend.
P.S. Leather case is not suitable for you to put your glasses in your pocket and waist bag all the time. A hard crab like case will protect you glasses better more.
From  of Hampton, New Hampshire on .
I have had the Sportsman glasses with polarized tan lenses for about 3 weeks now and am very pleased. The craftsmanship is excellent; the glasses look and feel well-built. The lenses are great; crystal clear vision and superb glare reduction. A nice case, lens cloth, and mini-tool kit complete the package. I am very happy with my glasses.

The Aviators
From  of Washinton, DC, Maryland on .
A beautifully made and detailed product - excellent in all regards of manufacture. Light to wear and stylish for most any occassion.

One observation....I have worn B&W for many years. Then I switched to Corning Serengetis when a relative worked in their prototype department - both excellent glasses.

Both had slightly larger lenses offering more eye-cover and especially protection from overhead sun than the Randolph Aviators.

Otherwise I am perfectly happy with this purchase - fast, friendly service!
 Excellent product
From  of Concord Township, Ohio on .
Quite simply a superb pair of sunglasses. From the moment I put them on they fit like a glove and had a quality unmatched by anything I had previously used.
Absolutely the Best
From  of Canyon Country, California on .
Best sunglasses I have ever owned. The frames are bomb proof and the lenses are crystal clear.
Beautiful Glasses
From  of Weston, Massachusetts on .
Handsome and high-quality glasses!!
My go to sunglasses
From  of Raleigh, North Carolina on .
I got the 61 MM. They fit my face perfectly since I like an oversized look. I bought two pairs, and will be purchasing a 3rd soon. Great sunglasses. Good quality. Metal is sturdy. Great craftsmanship.
The Best
From  of New York, New York on .
They're the best.
From  of Tiverton, Rhode Island on .
Great glasses; Second to none
From  of new york, New York on .
First pair. Fit, finish and performance are first rate. I'm a convert!
Old-Time Quality
From  of Palm Bay, Florida on .
I've been wearing high-end sunglasses for 43 years; I remember when Ray Bans' Aviators gold frames were 14 karat and sturdy. Things changed over the years, but after buying Randolph Engineering's 61mm tan polarized Sportsman, I can testify that they have raised the standard higher than way back then. I could be wrong but, I think polarized lenses were only available in plastic. I liked polarizing, but I was a staunch glass lens man. Randolph Engineering's glasses are solid old-time quality, for certain.
really nice
From  of oakland, California on .
i purchased these with brown polarized lenses and they are great. good construction, comfortable and the lenses are very clear.
 I like em
From  of Albany, California on .
great quality build, comfortable, lenses great too
Shooting glasses
From  of Salem,NH, New Hampshire on .
Products are high quality and the tints are fairly complete.
The only issue I have is the lack of a standoff bar to keep glasses from fogging in High humidity. Otherwise there excellent.
 Great Style and Quality
From  of Dunwoody, Georgia on .
I have these in Gun Metal - they look great - Polarized lenses are perfect for glare. The fit and finish and materials are top notch. Made in USA - can't beat that.
 Highly Recommended
From  of Valencia, California on .
Best and classiest looking sunglasses I have ever owned.

I liked them so much and they were so comfortable I order two pair and had the lenses replaced in one pair with my reading glass prescription.
Excellent sunglasses
From  of Miami, Florida on .
Excellent sunglasses
 Spectacular! Best around!
From  of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin on .
Great fit, great protection. As a long-time RayBan user, I won't be going back. I LOVE these sunglasses.
 Great for Prescription Lenses
From  of Sarasota, Florida on .
Holds thicker, presription lenses solidly. Lenses never come out of frame. Always had problems with lenses fallin out of Ray-Bans.
Superior to Ray-Ban's!
From  of Las Cruces, New Mexico on .
These are outstanding sunglasses! They possess an interesting mix of: style, performance, heritage, quality, and authority. I have received some interesting looks while wearing these sunglasses! The flash mirror tent doesn't necessarily seem reduce brightness and glare any more than perhaps a darker lense. However, the day isn't quite as bright with these glasses on. On a side note, these shades feel indestructible! These are now my favorite pair of sunglasses!

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